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"Creating Our New World"

Since the entire world is experiencing a huge transition, it is our responsibility as light workers and star seeds to steer the world down a road, WE want it to go. While present energies around the world appear to be in flux, it is time we grab the steering wheel and create the world we want NOW!

It is time for us to take collective action!

We will use these three powerful tools, visualization, proclamation, and toning to bring our new world into creation. 

The tools listed above are some of the tools we use in our workshop "The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning". (See description below.)

"Creating Our New World" wil be held:

Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 5:00 pm PDT and Monday, August 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm PDT.

You can attend both days or only one.

Please register no later than August 1st by emailing us at 

Each participant will comprise a list of 5 things they want the world to contain. For example, clean air and water, abundance of food, etc. Begin your list with the top most important item and then the second most important item to you, etc.

This event will be held on a conference call line. You will be sent the phone number and access code a day or so before the event.

Donations accepted but not required. 


If you are interested in having Katarinah present "The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning" seminar in your city or town, please contact us at      




Toning is a powerful tool that can be used in healing sessions, and for clearing energies.  Toning can be used to access one's other dimensional self or selves, and to experience the presence of divine masters of light who serve the Divine Creator YHWH.  Toning can alter and raise your vibratory frequency. Toning is powerful, fun, and very mystical. It can affect your life profoundly and positively.   

Group or collective Toning is powerful, spiritual, uplifting, mystical, and can be very transformational. People have experienced breakthroughs during the group Toning segment. (see Testimonial page.) Most attendees do not want the group Toning segment to end, which is why most of the workshop is the group Toning.

During The First Segment Of This Workshop We Will Learn:

  How to Tone comfortably and confidently.

How to find your personal Tone.

During The Second Segment Of This Workshop We Will:

Tone collectively as a group. 

We will bring forth mystical spiritual energies, the highest vibratory frequencies available in that time space moment of the workshop.  We will Tone to uplift the earth, humanity, animal kingdom, and any specific individuals or groups of individuals (such as hospital workers, first responders, etc.) in need of support.

We will also Tone for everyone's enhanced connection to the Divine Creator YHWH.   

This workshop is designed to provide an environment for the participants to be able to have powerful, uplifting, spiritual, and mystical experiences through collective Toning.  A day or two before you come to this workshop, we suggest you think about what you would like to experience during this event.  Besides uplifting your vibratory frequency, many people have experienced breakthroughs, revelations, and communications. (see Testimonials page.) 

In the early 1990's Katarinah attended a sweat lodge on Long Island, New York. As soon as the small group of attendees began to collectively tone, Katarinah saw and began communicating with one of her other dimensional selves. It was also around this time that she began speaking the language of light. She has used Toning and the light language in her Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Clearing Sessions, Light Messages Sessions, Meditations, Drum Circles, Workshops, Mystical New and Full Moon Darshans, and to connect with galactic mystical energies, her other dimensional selves, and masters of light who serve the Divine Creator YHWH. 

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