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 The night of May 15/16, 2022 I sat in meditation, mystically observing the total lunar eclipse. I was shocked when suddenly this massive white light came flooding into our solar system and entered the open mystical portal of the eclipse. This tremendous healing, loving, Divine Mother, Divine Feminine energy filled my entire being as I observed it raining down and saturating the entire Earth.

In this workshop we will be working with this powerful Divine Feminine energy to help balance and empower our individual Divine Feminine goddess selves.

 Besides an entire cast of Divine Goddesses and Spiritual Masters, the Devas of the Butterfly and the Dragonfly, which represent beauty, transformation, and spiritual growth, will work with us in our mystical drum circle, goddess dance, and our mystical vocal toning circle to empower our Divine Feminine energies.

♥During the mystical drum circle, mystical visions and encounters may occur.

♥We will then enter the goddess dance, utilizing specific body movements to help free up our feminine energies.

♥In the final segment our collective mystical vocal toning will anchor the embodiment of our Divine Feminine goddess selves.

Spirit suggests to come attired in a comfortable skirt or dress, which allows freedom of body movement and feminine energy flow.

Bring drums, percussion instruments, rattles, shakers, etc. and drinking water for your hydration.


 In 1998 we began utilizing our mystical magic on the days of the new and full moons, and during major galactic events such as eclipses and planetary transits.

This event will be held on a new or full moon or day of an eclipse.

We will utilize our mystical magic to bring in the galactic energies as participants relax, receive, and experience these mystical Divine galactic energies, which exist in our Solar System and in the energy field of the Earth. Attend this workshop with an open heart and mind so you can experience these uplifting loving, Divine, otherworldly energies.


Toning is a powerful tool that can be used in healing sessions, and for clearing energies.

The vibrations created by vocal toning helps the body to release stress and tension, enabling the body to relax and naturally heal. The tones vibrating in the body help to stimulate the pituitary master gland and the pineal gland, which is believed to be the center of our spiritual energies.

Toning can be used to access one's other dimensional self or selves, and to experience the presence of Divine masters of Light who serve the Divine Creator YHWH. Toning can alter and raise your vibratory frequency. Toning is powerful, mystical, and can affect your life profoundly and positively.

During a full day event, the Mystical Galactic Magic event can be presented first then followed by the The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning Workshop.


In this workshop all attendees actively participate.

Group or collective Toning is powerful, spiritual, uplifting, mystical, and can be very transformational. People have experienced breakthroughs during the group Toning segment. (see Testimonial page.) Most attendees do not want the group Toning segment to end, which is why most of the workshop is the group Toning.

During The First Segment Of This Workshop We Will Learn:

  How to Tone comfortably and confidently.

How to find your personal Tone.

During The Second Segment Of This Workshop We Will:

Tone collectively as a group. 

We will bring forth mystical spiritual energies, the highest vibratory frequencies available in that time space moment of the workshop.  We will Tone to uplift the earth, humanity, animal kingdom, and any specific individuals or groups of individuals (such as hospital workers, first responders, etc.) in need of support.

We will also Tone for everyone's enhanced connection to the Divine Creator.  

This workshop is designed to provide an environment for the participants to be able to have powerful, uplifting, spiritual, and mystical experiences through collective Toning.  A day or two before you come to this workshop, we suggest you think about what you would like to experience during this event.  Besides uplifting your vibratory frequency, many people have experienced breakthroughs, revelations, and communications. (see Testimonials page.)


Not only has drumming been proven to be physically healing, but it mutidimensionally unites the participants, which is probably why drumming has been practiced in most cultures around the world.

In this drum circle we will work in the mystical realm along with our ancestors and Earth's energies to uplift the collective consciousness of humanity and planet Earth.

Participants are asked to bring drums, rattles, shakers, and any other percussion instruments they may have.

In the early 1990's Katarinah attended a sweat lodge on Long Island, New York. As soon as the small group of attendees began to collectively tone, Katarinah saw and began communicating with one of her other dimensional selves. It was also around this time she began speaking the Language of Lite. In 1998 she began working in the mystical realm with Divine galactic energies. (see About Us). She has used Toning and the Language of Lite in her Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Clearing Sessions, Lite Message Zone Sessions, Meditations, Drum Circles, Workshops, Mystical New and Full Moon Events, and to connect with galactic mystical energies, her other dimensional selves, and masters of Light who serve the Divine Creator.

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