Mazar's Mystical Offerings

My Mystical Experiences during Divine Cosmic Events.

July 18, 2023 Message from our Sun

Around 2:15pm I started feeling energy or vibes coming from the Sun. At 2:30 I sat down and felt this beautiful loving energy super high vibe, golden fine light showing upon us, all on Earth, from the Sun. Then the Sun spoke to me and said, "Open you heart and receive this energy" This is God's love coming from the Sun. This is for all on Earth and Earth herself. A loving Divine gifr from God through our Sun.

For several days the Sun has been emitting large solar flares "Geomagnetic storm hits Earth on Tuesday, July 18, 2023." reads one news headline.

This is what I felt in the mystical/spiritual realm. A loving Divine gift from God, from our Sun.

May 5/6 2023 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

When the eclipse begins, we feel this deep, deep, old intense energy pushing out all old low vibrational frequencies on Earth. It goes deep, deep, deep into every nook and cranny. Then this energy pulls back, recedes, and shifts into a new phase. Then it begins again but now it is multidimensionally coming into Earth and humanity, into every little crevis, nothing can escape this energy as it goes deep, deep, deep, into our beingness. Pushing out all low vibrational frequencies of pain, hurt, anger, sadness, etc. Then as it hits the core of pain I see and hear a Divine Loving voice say, "It is OK to let go. Love is here to heal and stay." Then we feel the sweet loving energy coming from the little golden orange beings in the Sun, the beings we saw during the previous Solar Eclipse. As the eclipse begins to wane we see all the energy that was pushed out, being mathematically, energetically, restructured.

April 20, 2023 Total Solar Eclipse

The Sun is full. He is big and full. He is definitly ready for this event. I also see/feel another big full celestrial body right behind the Sun As the maximun of the eclipse begins, suddenly I see the sun opening up like a theater curtain has been drawn open. I see this room filled with beautiful golden orange light. In the room I see these little beings, their sperical bodies of this beautiful golden orange light. Yet they had appendages like arms and legs. There were about 3 or 4 of them. They were "setting the stage", physically moving things around as if setting up props for a show. I see/feel this very sweet loving energy coming from them in waves towards the Earth. Then behind them in the back of the Sun, this gateway opens and this magnificent light appears from another dimension. I feel this other dimensional energy coming to the Earth. This energy is available to all of us. As I sit here experiencing this, the present energy on Earth feels stale compared to this other dimensional energy coming through the gateway in the sun.

October 25,2022 Partial Solar Eclipse

I feel this live consciousness, very intense consciousness now stepping back receeding. A veil is being drawn over the Sun. A distinctive knowing and allowance of what is to happen. We see and feel the Sun filling up like a balloon, filling up with energy inside the Sun. All this is happening behind the veil. As the shadow of the eclipse begins to move away after the maximum, we see and feel this black stuff peeling away. The Sun clearing away the deep darkness. As the dark stuff is peeled away, the Sun looks sparkley, it has other dimentional sparkley magic to it. Multi colors, very other wordly! The Sun is now other dimensional, other wordly, sparkling its depth with multi colors. Other wordly Sun. New multi colored sparkling energy in the air and on Earth.

May 15/16, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse

As soon the eclipse began we see and feel the power begin to move. Almost an hour into the eclipse we see and feel this Divine feminine energy coming into our solar system-a bright beautiful white light. Divine heart, loving heart, healing heart, beautiful loving strong Divine Mother, Holy Mother energy. Deep heart healing energy Divine Feminine energy.

Towrds the end of the eclipse, we see and feel Divine Masculine energy arrives and joins and blends together with this amazing Holy Divine Feminine energy. Like Jesus and Mary Magdalen.

April 30, 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse

As the eclipse begins we see and feel the sun moving into place, then the moon moves into its position. They are doing some behind the scenes work. Working together. Then we see a distant bright Divinine Light a large beam like a spot light but not solid, coming in from far away. Things are still being done behind the scene, behind the veil of the eclipse. Rearranging, reconfiguring with the aid of that Divine Light. It almost feels like surgery or old parts being removed with new parts added. Very simplistic. Metallic, cosmic, ancient, galactic feel. All work being done on and for the Earth. Eleven minutes before the maximum begins the configuring work has been completed. As the maximun begins, the result of the new configuration is now pressed and sealed into upon the Earth. We can see and feel it. It looks like charcoal grey. It is now being absorbed into the Earth.  It is done. It is absorbed.

June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse

We saw and felt this massive, warm, beautiful, yellow golden light which appeared to come from way beyond the other side of the Sun. A being and/or consciousness of peace, very mystical and loving "Embrace this energy, it is so high and will help to release the old structures of this world."  A golden Christ energy.

May 28, 2021 Mercury Venus Conjunction

A double whammie! Right behind the Lunar Eclipse these two planets sent us a surge of multi-colored, galactic, creative, loving, energies. To express our Divine creativity, joyfully through the Divine love that's in our hearts. Wow! What a glorious time this is! 

May 26, 2021 Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon

Wowie Zowie! What an amazing galactic blast this was!  During the totality we saw/felt this magnificent, brilliant, white Divine Light galactic female being, radiating, emiting outrageous beauty and love!!! Stunning, powerful! It almost felt crystaline in it's brilliance. When it's energy hit the Earth, it shattered the energy of old beliefs that has been in humanity's collective consciousness for eons. Now it's up to humanity to release old limiting 3D thought forms. Divine energies, Divine beauty, and Divine love are here to stay!

December 21, 2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

After the 26 exact conjunction, we received a mystical vision of the event. We saw these beautiful soft yet vibrant pastel colors of yellows, pinks, blues. They were sphere like, but not defined by a boundary as a solid sphere is. We felt these were coming from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Many years ago we had an astounding experience where we were in the presence of the logos of the Milky Way Galaxy. So we feel these soft pastels were from the center of our galaxy. Then we saw very clearly the word JOY in the foreground and then the word BEAUTY in the background. What a beautiful message for Earth and her inhabitants!

July 23, 2020 Neowise Comet

When we tuned into Comet Neowise and felt his wonderful spirit and why he has chosen to grace us with his presence at this time in the linear year of 2020, we started to cry. He said, "This is my gift for you on Earth. Feel it." When you tune into Comet Neowise you can feel his gift-he emanates the vastness of God and eternity. He carries this with him. It is his message to us. The awe inspiring, humbling, incomprehensible vastness of God and eternity.

Here is a live being in the body of a comet who has traveled for 6,800 earth linear years to make an appearance over Earth at this particular time with his message. To me, this is profound and Holy. I pray on a spirit level, that all humanity receives his message.

"I bring to you the vastness of God and eternity," he said.

Once he exists our sky at the end of July, he will not be passing by Earth for another 6,800 earth linear years. That's 6,800 earth linear years!!! Wow. What a special Divine gift from God and eternity delivered to us from the body of a sweet little comet!

Lunar Eclipse July 4, 2020.

The energy we see and feel coming through the mystical eclipse portal is such Light, Divine Feminine beautiful blessed energy. We see this Divine sparkling gift, a magical gift. It truly is a gift. When the eclipse begins to wane we see this same energy but it's multicolored, sparkling like diamonds. This is a gift, a special gift for Earth and all of her inhabitants, from God. 

Solar Eclipse June 20, 2020.

Wow! This was SO powerful! What power! The power in this eclipse is galactic God power. Just before the maximum we see this huge being of Light, an angel of God or God Himself at the outer part of the mystical portal behind the dark black. As the maximum shadow of the eclipse begins to move away as the eclipse wanes, we then feel the Christ energy. Then we feel the Christ energy mixed with Divine feminine energy, Jesus and Mary. The it morphes into Divine Feminine energy only. Divine Grace. Holy Mother. Truly Holy Mother energy.

Wow. With all this tremendous Divine Love energy filling Earth and all beings in, on, and around Earth, I won't be surprised if we see an expression or outbreak of more darkness on our planet. The Light is exposing all darkness.

Today is May 22, 2020.

We are in a galactic washing machine in the wash cycle.

 April 9th,2020.

It is Passover and I feel so much Holy energy showering down now on Earth.

Last week I could feel the energy building for this powerful week. Very intense, emotional, full moon, super moon the other night.

The unleashing of this virus accompanied by the spirit of fear has brought our world to a temporary stand stil. How ironic that the majority of people are restricted to their homes, bringing a pause to their life's usual activities during this Holy week.

And here is God, looking down on Earth and the people of Earth, beaming Divine Love to the Earth and into the hearts of all who are open to receive.

Since the beginning of March the spirit of fear has spread around the world, holding most of humanity hostage.

April 5th, 2020

April 5th was Palm Sunday, and here comes the glory of God, Divine Love, Divine Light, taking this week to bless humanity with the Spirit of Holiness, which is greater than any other spirit on Earth. 

I pray humanity looks up to the heavens, looks to God now, and sincerely calls out to God for help. Because The Divine Creator of All That Is, Divine Love is here, waiting for us to return home. 


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