Mazar's Mystical Offerings

My Mystical Experiences.

July 23, 2020 Neowise Comet

When we tuned into Comet Neowise and felt his wonderful spirit and why he has chosen to grace us with his precense at this time in the linear year of 2020, we started to cry. He said, "This is my gift for you on Earth. Feel it." When you tune into Comet Neowise you can feel his gift-he emanates the vastness of God and eternity. He carries this with him. It is his message to us. The awe inspiring, humbling, incomprehensable vastness of God and eternity. 

Here is a live being in the body of a comet who has traveled for 6,800 earth linear years to make an appearance over Earth at this particular time with his message. To me, this is profound and holy. I pray on a spirit level, that all humanity receives his message.

"I bring to you the vastness of God and eternity," he said.

Once he exists our sky at the end of July, he will not be passing by Earth for another 6,800 earth linear years. That's 6,800 earth linear years!!! Wow. What a special Divine gift from God and eternity delivered to us from the body of a sweet little comet!

Lunar Eclipse July 4, 2020.

The energy we see and feel coming through the mystical eclipse portal is such Light, Divine Feminine beautiful blessed energy. We see this Divine sparkling gift, a magical gift. It truly is a gift. When the eclipse begins to wane we see this same energy but it's multicolored, sparkling like diamonds. This is a gift, a special gift for Earth and all of her inhabitants, from God.  

Solar Eclipse June 20, 2020.

Wow! This was SO powerful! What power! The power in this eclipse is galactic God power. Just before the maximum we see this huge being of Light, an angel of God or God Himself at the outer part of the mystical portal behind the dark black. As the maximum shadow of the eclipse begins to move away as the eclipse wanes, we then feel the Christ energy. The we feel the Christ energy mixed with Divine feminine energy, Jesus and Mary. The it morphes into Divine Feminine energy only. Divine Grace. Holy Mother. Truly Holy Mother energy.

Wow. With all this tremendous Divine Love energy filling Earth and all beings in, on, and around Earth, I won't be surprised if we see an expression or outbreak of more darkness on our planet. The Light is exposing all darkness.

Today is May 22.

We are in a galactic washing machine in the wash cycle.

Today is April 9th.

It is passover and I feel so much Holy energy showering down now on Earth.

Last week I could feel the energy building for this powerful week. Very intense, emotional, full moon, super moon the other night.

The unleashing of this virus accompanied by the spirit of fear has brought our world to a temporary stand stil. How ironic that the majority of people are restricted to their homes, bringing a pause to their life's usual activities during this Holy week. 

And here is God, looking down on Earth and the people of Earth, beaming Divine Love to the Earth and into the hearts of all who are open to receive.

Since the beginning of March the spirit of fear has spread around the world, holding most of humanity hostage.

April 5th

April 5th was Palm Sunday, and here comes the glory of God, Divine Love, Divine Light, taking this week to bless humanity with the Spirit of Holiness, which is greater than any other spirit on Earth.  

I pray humanity looks up to the heavens, looks to God now, and sincerely calls out to God for help. Because The Divine Creator of All That Is, Divine Love is here, waiting for us to return home.  


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