Mazar's Mystical Offerings
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Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and Healing Sessions


"Today my mind is calm for the first time in about five years.  All of the sadness, agitation and torment are gone.  I am at peace.  Mere thanks are not enough.  I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Katarinah for her adroit and graceful methods.  She enabled me to be free of dark energy that was present in my psychic space.  She could sense what emotions it embodied and the form(s) it took; removing it and sending to the Light and God.  After all of the intense, emotional work we did together, Katarinah said, "This has been fun!"  That's what I really like about her.  To her, it is fun.  She is sincere but not puffed up or self-promoting.  She loves what she does and is not only talented, but adept and dedicated.  Thank you, Katarinah.  You are indeed a Lightworker extraordinaire!"  

P.S.  "After our session, I had the most restful night's sleep I'd experienced in a long time.  It is as though the person to whom I'd been attached never existed."

Rachel, TN

"I no longer feel fearful or unworthy, which I have felt most of my life.  I now feel at peace and I feel the presence of God again in my heart.  Katarinah, you are truly gifted.  Thank you so much."

Anna, TN

"For over twenty years I have had pains in both of my legs.  All the doctors I went to said they could not find the cause of the pain.  The only relief I was able to find was when I would go to a massage therapist.  The pain would disappear, then it would be back after a week or two.  I heard about Katarinah and decided to have a session with her.  Katarinah was able to see the source of the pain.  By the end of the session not only was the pain in my legs gone, but I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me.  The pains in my legs never returned.  Thank you, Katarinah for using your gift to help others."

Sara, FL

"I have had two profound sessions which changed my life.  One was a homeopathic session with a holistic practitioner, and the other was a Spiritual Counseling Session with Katarinah."

Mel, DC

"All the sadness, melancholy, anxiety, and confusion I felt is now gone.  The confusion and voices were so great, I couldn't make them stop.  Now I feel I can focus on one thing and I am no longer tormented with unwanted thoughts.  I have been divorced for ten years and this is the first time I can feel a reaction to romantic scenes I see in a movie or TV show.  I now feel my next husband can come into my life!"

Ellen, MN

"This session was so different from any other spiritual healing sessions I've had before.  I could feel all the energy being removed from me and I could feel Katarinah working multidimensionally with me and it was so easy to release everything even the pain and fear. Even a curse was removed. I am extremely grateful and I feel so peaceful and so light, like a new person! Thank you so much, Katarinah."

Barbara, FL

                                                       Lite Message Zone

"Later that evening after my session with Katarinah I had some big energy transfer or something. I've felt different since then. It was vastly unexpected. I had to catch my breath! It was great!! I think these sessions are pretty neat!"

Elaine, FL.

"I contacted Katarinah for a session. I was consumed with fear in my body and mind. It was really awful. Within no time after she started speaking the Language of lLite that horrible fear was gone from my body and mind and I was happy, positive, laughing and free!"

Linday, TN

"I've never had an experience like this before in my entire life. As Katarinah was speaking the Language of Lite, I felt my soul was being tickled, which made me chuckle. Wow! I feel so much lighter, almost giddy. Thank you so much."

Joy, FL

"When Katarinah began speaking the Language of Lite, it was not really Katarinah speaking. She was connecting to a higher vibration, which was coming through her.  I physically felt this higher vibration of the Language of Lite.  It activated things in and around me.  After Katarinah finished speaking in the Language of Lite, the messages she related to me were very detailed and confirmed what I wanted to know.  She also delivered additional information pertaining to the topic I wanted guidance on, which confirmed I was on the right path.  During the session I felt I received an activation and I would highly recommend having a Lite Message Zone session to anyone looking to upgrade their spiritual practice."

Mary, FL

"I feel so light, grounded, and the blockage that was in my throat is gone. My heart is open and my throat feels so much better. I feel amazing! I feel great! I feel free!"

Doreen, FL 

"Katarinah did a magnificent job of tuning into me and my questions. Her wisdom is a deep connection that can be felt and seen on a spiritual intuitive level. I was moved within on a deep level, which reinforced my knowingness of the high level of this service. It was a grace indeed. I am truly grateful."

Zara, FL

"I felt Katarinah was connected on a very high spiritual plane. The space she created was a deep sacred space. The answers I got were very comforting-empowering me to be myself. What makes the information that came through for me so powerful, was that is was about who I needed to be in order to get the results I want in my life."

Anna, FL


"I was impressed how Katarinah created a rare sacred space so quickly and powerfully. She got to the heart of the matter as the physical, spiritual healing occurred. Blockages were being released from me within minutes of the session. I felt a wave of uncomfortable energy leaving me. These blockages were preventing me from being meself. There were things I was holding onto that I dsidn't even know were there. As she sprayed a mist of water over me, I felt sparkles of light landing on my body."

Anna, FL

"The healing affected me spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I could feel dark energies leaving me and anger that had been put on me also left. After Katarinah was finished, I felt great! I wasn't upset or worried about anything, it was an idylic state of being. I felt relaxed and joyful! I felt I was able to do my God given purpose."

Madeline, TN

"I had a very relaxing experience. First I saw chakra colors. I felt a release in my solar plexus and third eye. Then it felt like I had an out of body experience. I felt the energy pass through my body from head to toe. I have had a nagging headache around my third eye, and I felt it release. It is gone. I feel like a curtain was lifted. I feel deeply relaxed, lighter, and joyful. Thank you so much."

Several days later:

"I feel reborn. Shedding old skin, old way of thinking. I'm trying to drop the security blankets. I'm refreshed. Before we started the session Katarinah suggested I state what I wanted to release. I set this intention before we started the session. No more headaches and sinuses are better also."

Melody, FL

Power Prayers

"We put our house on the market for sale a few years ago, but it wouldn't sell, so we rented it out for a year.  We really needed to sell the house to help pay off some debt.  When I told Katarinah how concerned I was about selling the house, she said, "I'll help you sell the house."  Wouldn't you know it, within four weeks we were in contract, and we sold the house!  Thanks Katarinah."

Nikki, TN

"Twenty minutes after Katarinah did the prayer, it totally worked!  I was astounded and started crying.  Katarinah you are a Goddess!"

Amy, TX

"For six years I have been trying to be reimbursed for expenses I overpaid to a management company. Not even an hour after Katarinah did the prayer with me over the phone, I received an email from my lawyer.  The company agreed to pay me the full amount I asked for and said they were sending the check off to me right away. I had to let you know that the prayer not only worked, but it worked fast!!! Thank you so much!"

Georgina, TN 

Clearing Attached Dark Entities

"I am amazed!  I don't know what to say except thank you Katarinah, for saving my life.  I can't remember the last time I could see clearly.  Not only my vision, but my life.  I am a new man.  I can't thank you enough."

Warren, FL

"Since I was two or three years old, I felt this uncomfortable being always around me.  Something weird was happening around me and it felt unnatural.  It finally got on my nerves and I had to make it stop.  That's when I told my mom. When I did the session with Katarinah the being left and it has not come back."

Merideth, TN (Nine years old.)

"My entire life I could see these dark entities, but could never get rid of them.  When I thought they were gone, they would be there again, ruining my life.  Many times I thought I was crazy.  Thank you so much for giving me a new life free of these entities.  May you be blessed always."

Carol, FL

"Thank you Katarinah, for the clearing.  My vision seems clearer.  Today while I was driving, I felt this new energy all sparkly.  I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of me and from my life.  You do have a gift. Thank you so much."

Kate, TN

"I never believed in these things, but now I do.  After my session with Katarinah, I feel like a different person.  I feel so much lighter and the depression I had for so long is gone.  I would highly recommend anyone who feels they have something unnatural or dark in their life to contact you."

Martha, TN 


Clearing Dark Entities and Dark Energies from Houses and Buildings

"Ever since we moved into this house a year and a half ago, we have had constant mechanical problems.  My husband is a musician and I have a recording studio set up in our basement.  We have a lot of audio equipment around the house which would constantly break.  We would get it fixed and then another player would break.  Sometimes two or three pieces of equipment would break at the same time.  Even when I would be in a recording session, sometimes my computer would not function properly.  The light bulb on our side porch constantly blew out, so we stopped replacing bulbs as they would only last about ten minutes.  One of our pipes broke in the basement while we were out of town and we had a flood.  The plumber couldn't find the cause of the break.  

Since Katarinah has done a clearing on our house we have not had any problems at all with any of our audio equipment.  And the light bulb on our porch has not blown out!   My husband, daughter and I are so much more relaxed now and for the first time the house feels peaceful.  We would highly recommend Katarinah to anyone who is having any unusual problems in their house.  Thank you again for your help."

Judith, OR

"I have lived in this apartment building for fifteen years.  During the past three years a group of people have lived in the apartment below me.  People come and go at all hours of the night down there and in the past year things have gotten worse.  I would dread going to sleep as my bedroom, which is directly over their living room, feels awful.  I have had constant nightmares, have been very depressed, and my health has gotten worse.  I would just feel sick now in my apartment, especially in my bedroom.   I asked Katarinah to clear my apartment.  Not only did she clear my apartment but she cleared the apartment below me and the entire building.  That awful energy that was coming from downstairs is gone.  My apartment and the building feel so light now.  Even the grounds of the apartment building feel like they did years ago, beautiful and light and happy.  My depression is gone, I haven't had any more nightmares, and my bedroom is peaceful again.  Thank you, Katarinah!"

D.B., CA

"We had Katarinah do a clearing on our house.  I was standing in the kitchen while she did the clearing.  Immediately after she cleared the house, that spot in our kitchen that always felt really hot now feels like normal temperature.  Whatever was in this house is now gone.  Thanks again."

Roger, TX

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for me!  Last night and this morning my daughter confirmed that the "monsters" were gone.  I smiled and said, "yep, we got rid of them Sunday night."  I can't thank you enough."

Monica, MS

"From the moment we moved into this house we have had one problem after another. Pipes breaking, water leaks, appliances leaking, structural issues.  It has been awful.  It was very interesting what Katarinah told me during the session and it makes sense now why we had so many problems. This house was built into the rocky ledge on this property. The contractor had to blast the rock away and level this area out in order to build the house. Katarinah was able to clear all beings that didn't belong here and also heal the land and the beings that got misplaced. We have not had any issues with the house since the clearing. Thank you again."


Clearing Dark Entities and Dark Energies from Land

"Katarinah did a clearing on my town which is just outside of Austin, Texas.  What a difference!  I am so much more relaxed in my house and it feels great as I walk my dog around the neighborhood.  That heavy awful feeling I felt everywhere in this area is totally gone.  Awesome job!"

Amy, TX

"My friend Amy told me that Katarinah cleared Waco and she wanted to know what I felt.  I feel that 90 percent of this black sludge has left and it is still leaving.  Keep it up!"

David, Waco, TX

Two weeks later David reports:

"I wanted to let you know there has been a big shift here.  I have wanted to plant some trees around my apartment but for the past two years the condo association has denied my request.  I just received notice from the condo association that they have approved my request to plant my trees!!!   Also, my friend who teaches Qigong has always had two or three students show up at his classes.  Now eleven people are showing up!  Everything feels so much lighter here.  It's great!"

David, Waco, TX

"I asked Katarinah to clear a neighborhood next to ours.  It is an old neighborhood like ours and it used to be really nice but now it feels awful to me.  I used to drive through there to get to my house as it is a much closer route, but I stopped driving through it because it felt awful to me.   After Katarinah did a clearing that neighborhood feels so much better.  It feels lighter.  I have started to drive through it and I don't feel that awful feeling anymore.  What a pleasure.  I feel freer as now my route is not restricted anymore."

Carol, OR


Cord Cutting

"I could feel something different right away after Katarinah cut the cord between me and my mom.  It felt real and permanent.  I never would have been able to deal with my present situation with my mother if the cords between us had not been cut.  I can't remember a time when I ever felt like this, so free and light.  This definitely works!  I know I thanked you before, but I want to thank you for all your help."

Larry, TX

"I was having a hard time trying to break away from my boyfriend even though we had already broken up.  After Katarinah cut the cord between me and my boyfriend, that awful pulling feeling is gone.  I don't think of him constantly like I did before.  I feel more free, like my old self again."

Susan, OR

"I contacted Katarinah for advice about my partner. Our relationship was either going to end or else a major change needed to happen.  Katarinah received immediate guidance that I should have her cut the cords between us.  After the cord cutting session our relationship has improved 1000 percent!!!  It's like totally different! 

I told Katarinah that we were having a very difficult time finding a new lawn maintenance person. I put up an ad and got several responses but no one contacted me back. We needed someone right away to take care of our lawn. Katarinah did a prayer and the next day someone responded who seems perfect and has a good rate. And he was wearing a Jesus t-shirt!

I also told Katarinah that my partner was trying to book a camp site for himself next week on the coast. The reservation person at the site quoted us a high price for the camp site but said there were no vacancies. It was sold out. Katarinah did a prayer and when we called the camp site after the prayer, we got a vacancy at an inexpensive rate!!!

Thank you so much for your help and prayers!

Nancy, VA

                                                        Curses Removed

"Before the session with Katarinah, I felt like I had so many weights on me.  I don't feel those anymore.  My ankles and legs always felt painful and so heavy.  Now they don't.  Physically I feel so much lighter.  My neck feels so much better.  Before, I couldn't move it without it hurting.  I don't feel gloomy, burdened, heavy or fearful anymore.  I don't feel fearful in my house anymore.  I always felt like something was lurking around, but now it's gone.  Thank you, Katarinah."

Melissa, TN

"For the past eight years I have had the most awful and challenging things happen to me.  It was horrible.   After Katarinah removed that curse, my psychic sight came back.  I haven't been able to see clearly for years.  I feel so much lighter.  That thing that was making my life miserable is definitely gone.  Blessing to you Katarinah, for all your help."

Laura, FL

"I had Katarinah remove several attached entities from me.  She then saw that I had a black magic curse on me.  I realized in that moment who must have done this to me.  When Katarinah did this tone, I saw this lizard thing attached to my side and it immediately disappeared.  The black magic curse was broken in that moment.  Thank you so much!"

Linda, OH

"I'm glad to know that I wasn't losing my mind and EXTREMELY grateful to be freed from a curse.  I have also noticed a difference in the way people approach me since the curse was broken.  Sometimes it's still hard for me to digest that someone would do that!  I can't say thank you enough."

Monica, MS

"Had to share!  As we were in session, an overdue payment for $8,000.00 was acknowledged and "check is in the mail", we've been chasing them for two months now!  And I was told that my June sales exceeded last Junes sales for the first three days of the month by $4,000.00 - when we had been running behind.  This morning I woke up to an email from a person we've been trying to reach for over 4 months to arrange trainings for many managers at one of the Chain Stores we service - with an invitation to come and do a training anytime!  All good!!!"

With gratitude - Annie, business owner, CA.


 The Mystical Power of Vocal Toning Workshop

"This was an amazing experience!  I had no idea what the workshop was going to be like.  Wow!  I had a major breakthrough, something I did not anticipate or expect!  If you've never attended one of Katarinah's workshops, I would highly suggest it."

Lisa, TN

"I have never experienced anything like this before and I have been to a lot of spiritual workshops.  It was amazing.  When are you coming back to this area?  Thanks so much."

Richard, TN

"This was really an other-dimensional experience.  I have never felt so high after a workshop.  It was really incredible!  I'd like to attend another one.  Please keep me on your mailing list.  Thanks."

David, TN

"I loved this workshop.  No one wanted to leave when it was over.  It was really something.  Please do another one soon!"

Carol, TN

"I saw angels in the room then beams of light began coming from above the ceiling into the center of our circle. It was so beautiful and loving."

Linda, FL

"Light Being masters were all around us in the room. As Katarinah was toning I saw roses coming out of her mouth. Very mystical."

Diane, FL

"My body kept vibrating with light even after we finished! It was wonderful!"

Corey, FL

                                          Mystical Spiritual Drum Circle

 "This was awesome!  Please come back soon!"

Rick, TN

"After we had been drumming a short while we saw several Native American Indians appear in the room. I felt they had once lived in this area and they were appreciating our drumming and prayers."

Rebecca, TN

"I also felt the presence of a Native American shaman."

Deborah, TN

"This was so much fun! I didn't know anyone here or what to expect but when we started to drum I felt so connected to everyone. Like we were all one family. It was wonderful. Thank you for having this drum event."

Rae, TN

"I've been to several drumming events but this was top of the line! Keep up the good work and keep me on your mailing list so I can come to your next event when you come back to this area."

Mark, TN

                         Dark Attached Entities Workshop

"This workshop was so informative.  Several things I had been confused about were explained so clearly by Katarinah.  And it was fun!  She is a wonderful teacher.  Thank you for doing this workshop."

Kristin, TN

"I am so glad I came to this workshop.  It was so informative and I was really surprised that several people in the workshop spoke about their experiences with these entities.  I think everyone should learn about these entities.  People would have a better understanding on what's going on in the world today."

Catherine, TN

"I loved the props!  Great information.  Gifted teacher.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us."

Roger, TN

"Thank you for giving us the power prayer.  I have already used it and it works.  Thanks again for an awesome workshop."

Denise, TN 

                                 The Ascension of Planet Earth Workshop


"This was such a magical experience.  By the end of the workshop, the energy in the room was so different from when we first sat down in our seats.  Everyone felt it.  It was so magical, that's all I can say."

Wanda, TN

"As Katarinah was talking about the planets and our galaxy, everything seemed to come alive.  Even the air in the room was shimmering.  I have never had an experience like this before.  It was truly wonderful."

Katie, TN





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