Mazar's Mystical Offerings


My first mystical experience occurred when I was five years old, but it wasn't until 1998 that I once again stepped into the mystical realm, and seriously began spending time in it.

In my experience, the mystical realm is very magical and holy. It is where I have had many incredible encounters with an interesting cast of other-dimensional characters. Reaching into the mystical universe, I have adored interacting with entities such as planets, comets, asteroids, and the Milky Way Galaxy itself, all of which are live beings. (see About Us page.)

Throughout the years I have been blessed to experience many more sacred mystical events.


The woods are filled with magic. Whispering secrets are found everywhere among nature, but especially among the trees. Bless our trees and woods. The lungs of the earth, guardians of the planet. We can't live here without them. 

 Our waters are our blood, our life. Power, mystery, portals to other worlds. Bless our water, our oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, aquafirs, lakes.


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