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Katarinah will psychically remove whatever is negatively interferring and affecting the present life of the individual she is working with.

From people, she clears Spiritual Parasites, Curses, Dark Beings, Negative Energies, all sorts of pesky Other-Dimensional Beings, plus Traumas and Judgments experinced in other lifetimes.  

From buildings, land, and water, she will clear Dark Beings, Negative Energies, Curses, and all sorts of pesky Other-Dimensional Beings, whatever is negatively affecting the area.   

Below are some descriptions of some of the negative forces affecting our lives.

What is a Spiritual Parasite?

A Spiritual Parasite is any sort of being that has attached itself to your energy field and is negatively affecting you.  The majority of Spiritual Parasites I have removed from people are Dark Entities or demons.  This can also include off planet dark beings and all sorts of pesky Other-Dimensional Beings.  Whatever they look like, you will want an exorcism of the dark entity.


What is an Other-Dimensional Being?

Any Being that exists in another Dimension throughout time and space.  

What is a Dark Entity?

A Dark Entity is a conscious being that appears dark or black because of its low vibrational frequency.   I have seen a vast range of Dark Entities.  Some look like a formless mass of black energy.  Others look like fierce gargoils.  I've also seen a variety of montrous demons.  So there is a range of these Dark Entities, from pesky troublemakers to hardcore demons.


In another dimensions, Dark Entities and Dark Energies can exist anywhere on Earth.

Dark Entities and Dark Energies can be found:

Attached to a person's Energy Field or Aura (multidimensionaly throughout time and space). They can follow people around.  Basically, whereever people gather, you may find these Dark Entities.

They can be hanging out in any type of physical structure from a shed to a shopping mall.  I've seen them on or in all sorts of material objects, such as furniture, plumbing pipes, water wells, radiators, etc.  I've seen these Entities come out of computers, TV's, and radios while these electronic devices were turned on.

They are in the Earth, some lurking just beneath the surface, others reside deeper.

We have cleared Dark Entities from all sorts of waterways.


There are several ways an Entity can attach themselves to humans.  People can have a Dark Entity attached to their energy body for years, and not even be aware of it.

I have been seeing and dealing with these Entities since I was a child.  It is awful having these Entities interfere with your life, which is why I love helping people get rid of them.  


You may feel constantly irritated  and/or angry for no reason.

You may be very nervous all the time, which results in constant uncontrolled negative behavior such as overeating, picking at your skin, scalp, hair, etc. 

You may have negative thoughts which are self-destructive and self-deprecating, such as "I'm no good.  I'll never amount to anything."

You may have violent thoughts and/or violent behavior towards yourself and/or others.  (You need to seek help immediately!)

You may develop addictive habits especially to drugs and alcohol.   If you are already addicted to drugs or alcohol most likely you have Attached Entities.

You may begin to have one negative experience after another.  


Having a Dark Entity or Dark Energy attached to your Energy Field is a serious matter.

It can ruin your relationships, your career, or your life. 

Having a negative Entity or Energy attached to you DOES NOT MEAN you are a bad person or have done something bad or wrong. 

We are multidimensional beings and we live on a multidimensional planet 

There are beings in other realms who are here to help us, and there are beings in other realms who are parasites and only desire to feed off of a person's Energy Field.


If you feel you have an Attached Entity, please read the information on our Services page to find out how you can get a clearing.  Also read the comments from others who have had clearings, which is on the Testimonial page.



Most people who have a Dark Entity or Dark Energy in their home or work place, know that something is wrong.  Most of the time, people do not know why they are having a  problem or problems, they just know something is not right. 


Common symptoms of something Dark in a building are:

Constant unusual noises or sounds. 

Mechanical objects constantly breaking down or not working properly.

Unusual temperatures or temperature changes in the building. 

Strong negative presence (something feels uneasy or creepy).

Objects having moved by themselves.

People feeling depressed, sick, having nightmares.

People seeing shadowy figures, etc.


Dark Entities and/or Dark Energies can also be found in the land underneath a building, which will definitely have an affect on people who live in or frequent the building or property.  When clearing a building, we also clear the land if it is needed. 


Dark Entities and/or Dark Energies can also be present in water such as ponds, creeks, streams, lakes, pools, aqua furs, in home water lines or pipes, wells, water holding tanks, etc.


Curses are dark energy that have been placed in and/or on someone.  The symptoms we have seen from someone who is cursed seems to be the same for everyone.  Awful things happen to them as if they have dreadful bad luck, which continues until the curse is broken.  The person may be constantly ill or develop physical ailments, which doctors can not diagnose.  These ailments seem to get worse.  If someone is under a curse, they seem to attract other bad energy like psychic attacks, dark entities, or unfriendly extraterrestrials.  So far we have found in all the cases we have worked with, the person who is cursed usually knows who placed the curse on them.  They may not realize it is a curse, but they can pinpoint the beginning of the negativity and from whom it came.

To read the results of Curses having been removed, go to the Testimonial Page.

Other Lifetime Traumas and Judgements

In my experience, all timelines are occuring simultaneously.  Other lifetime traumas and judgements can affect us in our present lifetime.  Negative beliefs, fears, feeling stuck, judgements, strong emotional reactions to certain people or situtions, etc. can come from other lifetime experiences.   Unless the original traumatic event or judgement is cleared from the other lifetime, it seems to remain in our conscousness affecting us negatively in our present lifetime.  

For more information on clearing Other Lifetime Traumas, see Spiritual Counseling on the Services page.




To read about the results of clearing Dark Entities, Dark Energies, Curses, and Other Lifetime Traumas, go to the Testimonials Page.



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