Mazar's Mystical Offerings


What an exciting time to be alive!

A tremendous amount of Divine Light has blessed our planet in the past several months (see Blog) making this a wonderful time for us to release repetitive, old, unsupportive thought forms, beliefs, and behaviors that hinder the expression of our divinity.

We are grateful to be able to assist others in their spiritual advancement through the mystical, spiritual, and other-dimensional work we do. (see Services and Testimonial pages.)

We are very grateful and thank God for all the mystical, spiritual, and holy experiences, which have blessed us throughout our life.


The woods are filled with magic. Secrets are found everywhere among nature, but especially among the trees. Bless our trees and woods. The lungs of the earth, guardians of the planet. We can't live here without them. 

 Our waters are our blood, our life. Power, mystery, portals to other worlds. Bless our water, our oceans, rivers, streams, ponds, aquafirs, lakes.


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