Mazar's Mystical Offerings


Intuitive Spiritual Counseling Healing Sessions 

    A Spiritual Counseling Healing Session is for you if you are looking to:

  • Identify and release past life patterns
  • Remove emotional or mental blocks
  • Heal long standing issues
  • Gain clarity on your life's purpose
  • Begin a new life chapter
  • Experience inner peace

This Is How It Works:

Katarinah can be in the present moment and experience other "time lines" simultaneously. When Katarinah works with a client she is able to see the original event of what is causing your issue or block, no matter if the event occurred in a past life or in an off planet lifetime. She will then assist you in releasing the original judgement or belief you adopted as a result of the original event. Once the energy of the belief or judgment is released, healing occurs automatically.

 60 minutes:  $180.00.

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Lite Message Zone

Have you ever wished you could make a phone call to the Divine and receive an immediate answer to life's most pressing questions?

The Lite Message Zone delivers all this and more.

It is a mystical, transformational, uplifting, spiritual reading.

Katarinah will first speak in the Language of Lite, a Divine star language. She is speaking to the Divine about the client's question. The Divine aspect of the client is then revealed to Katarinah. Hence the answer to the client's question always comes from the client's own Divine aspect of self.  Katarinah will then respond in English from a high spiritual/mystical perspective, all that has been revealed to her.

  • Receive guidance that gets right to the heart of the matter
  • Clarify your relationships, career, your life path
  • Gain mystical insight and support, which goes beyond what you could have imagined 

To learn more about the Lite Message Zone go to the Testimonial page.

45 minutes:  $135.00

60 minutes:  $180.00 

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Be set free from:

   *Mental, emotional, and soul blockages

   *Low vibrational energies, emotions, and negative entities 


Relaxed, uplifted, lighter, clear, renewed, cleansed, more connected to source.

To learn more about the Mystical Healing, go to the Testimonial page.

This session is done in person.

45 minutes:  $135.00

60 minutes:  $180.00

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Cord Cutting

Are you finally ready to cut cords to unhealthy, toxic relationships?  Even if you left a relationship a long time ago, other-dimensional cords that connect you to that person can still exist. As a result of this cord connection, stagnant energies--which can include discarnate entities--can prevent you from freely living your life.

Katarinah will cut cords to an individual or group of individuals you are still attached to so you can:

    *Break free of energy vampires

    *Eliminate old negative, stagnant, toxic energies

    *Gain clarity and sense of your authentic self again

    *Experience energetic freedom  

45 minutes:  $135.00

60 minutes:  $180.00 

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Definition of Mystical.

"Involving or having the nature of an individual's direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality."  Merriam-Webster Dictionary

"Having a Divine or sacred significance that surpasses natural human apprehension." Collins Dictionary

"Having an import not apparent to the senses, nor ovbious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding."  Vocabulary


Are you going through a major life change?

Are you starting a new business or want to take your business to the next level?

Is there a dream you want to fulfill but don't know where to start?

Consider a Mentoring Package. This provides ongoing mystical coaching and counseling over weeks or months, a deep dive into your life situation. During the Mentoring process the above mentioned tools will be utilized, if needed. 

This Package can be used for those who are seeking a solid foundation for their spiritual and psychic development.

You will receive:

   *Mystical, spiritual guidance to assist you in your spiritual journey.

   *Clarity and support for developing your own knowingness

   *A greater sensitivity to your Oversoul 

   *Tools to help you connect with your Divinity

One hour:  $180.00

Package of 3 hours:  $450.00

Package of 5 hours:  $739.00

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 Life after Life

Throughout most of my life I have seen people who have "died" crossed over to the other side.  I have seen relatives, friends, strangers, and animals, mostly cats.

After a friend's father passed over, the next day she sent me a text informing me of her father's passing. Right after I read the text I saw her father. A good looking man around 35 years of age or so. What he said to me sums it all up. With astonishment and excitement he said, "I can't believe I'm still alive!!!"  


I have seen so many people's past lives, off planet lives, and other dimensional lives.  I have seen several of my past lives, future lives, off planet lives, and other dimensional lives. In my experience, all of our lives are occurring simultaneously. We are eternal and are a part of the Divine Creator experiencing itself in us and through us.


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