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About Katarinah

Katarinah Mazar is a sensitive, mystical clairvoyant who has been seeing, sensing, and interacting with other-dimensional beings since childhood.  

She had her first memorable mystical experience at the age of five. When she was in her 20's she began seeing people and animals who had transitioned to the other side. 

Using her ability to see multidimensionally beyond time and space, Katarinah began spiritually counseling individuals, couples, and families.

In 1998 Katarinah discovered her mystical ability to connect and communicate with the moon, sun, the planets in our solar system, and other live beings of light that reside in our galaxy.

As a result of facilitating her New and Full Moon Events for several years, Katarinah's specialty became working with the planetary beings involved in galactic events, such as eclipses, planetary transits, comets and asteroids passing by Earth, etc. (see Blog at bottom of the page.)

Besides doing her individual private sessions, throughout the past thirty years Katarinah has created and facilitated Meditation Groups, Earth Cleansing Groups, Drum Circles, Goddess Dance Groups, and Mystical New and Full Moon Events, and her Workshops throughout the United States of America.

She is the creator, writer, director, and producer of the television show Godess Galactica®, which premiered in Portland, Oregon in January 2003 and was aired continuously through 2009. Godess Galactica® returned to Portland television in 2018 until all production ceased in 2020 because of COVID 19.  It's still the best TV show on the air, say the viewers of Godess Galactica®.

Besides writing, directing and producing three one act plays, Katarinah has created, choreographed, cast, and produced theatrical music and dance shows, nightclubs shows, fashion shows, and stand up comedy routines in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, and Orlando, FL

Katarinah is the creator and facilitator of the seminars entitled,  "Earth's Ascension Into The Golden Age", and "All You Wanted To Know About Attached Entities But Were Afraid to Ask",  plus the workshops entitled "The Mystical Power Of Vocal Toning", "Mystical Galactic Magic", "Mystical Drum Circle" and "Mystical Divine Feminine Goddess Workshop". (see Events page.)

Katarinah's YouTube channel Myrtle Schmergle talks about mystical/spiritual/cosmic events and gives tips on grounding, building a prayer closet, etc.

Her YouTube channel Beyong Getting Organized combines her skils as a home organizer and spiritual counsultant, offering tips on how to keep you space free from unwanted energies and clutter.


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