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A Little Bit About Katarinah

Katarinah Mazar is a sensitive clairvoyant with mediumistic abilities.  She has been seeing, sensing, and interacting with other-dimensional beings since childhood.  

Both houses she grew up in were infested with dark beings and dark energies.  The dark beings knew Katarinah could see them, which began her lifelong interaction with them.

As a young adult, Katarinah found herself in a life and death situation, which altered the focus of her life.  She was under severe attack, not only from a gang of dark entities, but two other groups of dark forces.

After being cleared of that darkness, Katarinah knew she wanted to help other people be clear of all darkness and help them advance spiritually in their lives.  Using her intuitive and spiritual gifts, she began doing Spiritual Counseling and Healing Sessions with individuals, couples, and families.

One of Katarinah's gifts is her ability to see multidimensionally throughout time and space.  In her Clearing Sessions, this ability enables her to see and remove demons, negative energies, and dark entities that may exist in several dimensions simultaneously.  In her Spiritual Counseling Sessions, this ability enables her to see and help clear the source of an issue, self judgment, or traumatic event in the life of an individual, whether it exists in a past, present, future or off planet lifetime.  

In 1998 Katarinah discovered her mystical ability to connect and communicate with the moon, sun, the planets in our solar system, and other live beings that reside in our galaxy.  As a result of facilitating her New and Full Moon Darshans for several years, Katarinah's specialty became working with the planetary beings involved in galactic events, such as eclipses, planetary transits, comets and asteroids passing by Earth, etc.  Katarinah feels blessed being able to have these incredible mystical experiences with the Earth, our awesome Sun, the amazing beings that reside in the Sun, beautiful passing comets, lovely planet Venus, the neat planet Mercury, the incredible entity known as the Milky Way Galaxy, plus other spectacular galactic beings and mystical events that have occurred during eclipses and unique galactic occurrences.

Besides doing her individual private sessions, throughout the past thirty years Katarinah has created and facilitated Meditation Groups, Earth Cleansing Groups, Drum Circles, Goddess Dance Groups, and New and Full Moon Darshans, and her Workshops throughout the United States of America.

She is the creator, writer, and producer of the television show Godess Galactica®, which premiered in Portland, Oregon in January 2003.  It's still the best TV show on the air, say the viewers of Godess Galactica®.

Katarinah is the creator and facilitator of three seminars.  "Earth's Ascension Into The Golden Age", "All You Wanted To Know About Attached Entities But Were Afraid to Ask", and "The Mystical Power Of Vocal Toning". (see Events page.)


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