Mazar's Clearing Service




You will receive new timely information about how Earth's shifting energies are affecting the Dark Beings and Humanity. 

Don't Be Left In The Dark!  Knowledge is Power.  Empower yourself with the information you learn in this seminar!

You will learn:

The difference between a Dark Being and Dark Attached Entities.

How they can disguise themselves to people.

Places where you can always find these Entities.

Physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of having an Attached Entity.

How Dark Entities can greatly affect your life and the people you are close to.

How Dark Entities attach themselves to a person's Aura or Energy Field.

Why this is a serious problem today more than ever before on Earth.

You will also receive tools and techniques on:

How to protect yourself against getting an Attached Dark Entity.

How to clear yourself of unwanted Dark Energies and Energies.

How to De-Cord yourself from other people.


There will be an Aura Cleansing demonstration followed by two guided meditations.

Everyone present will receive a copy of the Prayer For Power And Safety.

The information in this seminar is especially important for all Light Workers, Energy Workers, and Healers.

This seminar is created and presented by Katarinah Mazar, a Sensitive and clairvoyant, who has been seeing and interacting with Dark Entities since childhood.  Throughout the past twelve years, Katarinah has removed Dark Energies and Dark Entities from people, buildings, land, and water, worldwide.




In this seminar, Katarinah Mazar will explain and present illustrations of the profound Cosmic Mystical and Spiritual events, which are accelerating the ascension of Earth and our Solar System into a higher dimension, into the "Golden Age of Earth".

Seeing this progression of events will help one to understand what is presently happening to Earth, our Solar System, and especially Humanity.

Mazar will also show and tell the story of her mystical encounter with the magnificent Being known as the Milky Way Galaxy.  This astonishing encounter provided Katarinah with the missing piece of information she needed to completely understand "2012" and the Spiritual ascension of Humanity.

Katarinah Mazar attended the teachings of ascended master Goddess Dove Re from 1990 to 2000.  In 1998 Katarinah began experienceing her mystical connection and communication with the Sun, Moon, the planets in our Solar System, Comets, Asteroids, and other heavenly Beings that reside in the Cosmos.  As a result of holding regular New and Full Moon darsharns for several years, Katarinah's specialty became working with the planetary Beings involved in Galactic Cosmic events, such as Eclipses, Planetary Transits, passing Comets, Asteroids, etc.



Toning is a powerful tool that can be used in healing sessions and for clearing energies.  Toning can be used to access one's other dimensional self (such as a future self), and to communicate with other dimensional Beings of Light, such as Angels or personal Spirit Guides.  Toning is powerful, fun, uplifting and mystical.

Toning collectively in a group is powerful, uplifting, spiritual, mystical, and can be very transformational. 

During The First Segment Of This Workshop We Will:

♥ Get comfortable with Toning.

♥ Find our personal Tone.

♥ Tones that affect specific areas of the physical body.

♥ Tones that help clear and balance the seven basic chakras.

♥ Tones that help release  hatred, anger, shame, anxiet, loss, and fear.

♥ The Tone that helps you to remember your sleep dreams.


During The Second Segment Of This Seminar We Will:

♥ Tone collectively as a group.  We will bring forth Mystical Spiritual energies the present high vibrational frequencies resonating on Earth.  We will Tone to uplift Earth, Humanity, and any specific individuals in need of Spiritual support.

If agreed upon by everyone present, we will Tone to connect everyone in the group with their future self, enhancing one's Spiritual connection to self.  We can also Tone to connect and communicate with other dimensional Beings of Light.

Preparing for this workshop. 

This workshop is designed to provide an environment for the participants to be able to have powerful, uplifting, spiritual, and mystical experiences through collective toning.  A day or two before you come to this workshop, we suggest you think about what you want to experience in this event.  Besides uplifting your vibrational frequency, many people have experienced breakthoughs, revelations, and communications.  

In the early 1990's Katarinah attended a sweat lodge on Long Island, New York.  As soon as the small group of attendees began to collectively Tone, Katarinah saw and began communicating with one of her other-dimensional selves.  Since then Katarinah has used toning in her Psychic Counseling Sessions, Clearing Sessions, Meditations, Drum Circles, New and Full Moon Darshans, her workshops, and to connect with Cosmic Mystical Energies, her multidimensional selves, and other dimensional Beings of Light.


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